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MVP Electron Atom - 2022 MVP Circuit Challenge Stamp

MVP Electron Atom - 2022 MVP Circuit Challenge Stamp

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These Electron Atom discs we have are extras from our 2022 MVP Circuit Challenge and have the 2022 Circuit Challenge stamp.  The plastic/stamp combination is unique to this event and won't be available for long.


Here is what MVP Disc Sports has to say about the Atom:

The Atom is a straight flyer with enormous potential off the tee and on long approaches. Right off the shelf, the Atom has a neutral stability with just a bit of fade. In premium GYRO® plastics the Atom will retain its neutral stability indefinitely. In Electron baseline plastic the Atom will wear into an extremely straight and floaty putter, with extra tactile feedback inside the circle or in adverse weather.

SPEED: 3 | GLIDE: 3 | TURN: -0.5 | FADE: 0

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