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Trilogy Challenge Flexible Mini

Trilogy Challenge Flexible Mini

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Add a pop of color and a touch of Trilogy Challenge spirit to your disc golf game with our 2022 Trilogy Challenge Rubber Minis. These minis are not just markers, they're a celebration of the event and a fun way to show off your disc golf passion.

Crafted from high-quality rubber, these minis offer excellent durability and a comfortable grip. They're perfect for marking your lie or practicing mini disc golf.

We have two vibrant color options available:

  • Blue with Dynamic Discs Logo: This mini features the Dynamic Discs logo, a symbol of quality and performance in the disc golf world. The logo is set against a bright blue background, making it a standout piece in your gear.

  • Red with Latitude 64 Logo: This mini showcases the Latitude 64 logo, representing one of the most innovative brands in disc golf. The logo contrasts beautifully with the bold red background, adding a touch of style to your game.

These 2022 Trilogy Challenge Rubber Minis are a great way to remember the event and add some flair to your disc golf routine. Grab your favorite color or collect them both while supplies last!

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